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I was going to retire from shows in 2020 but we all know what happened with that. So 2021 was the last time I was to do my last season of shows. However, my Sister in Law who volunteers at the Amarillo, Texas SPCA asked me to do their "Muttfest" one day show. Being family I couldn't say no. We went and had a great time visiting with them and the show actually went well.

What was not so great was the excessive wind that racked the tent and my hairdo as seen in the photo. We did meet some very nice people and had fun talking to them. So all in all, a very fun experience.

I'm now looking forward to focusing on this website and social media.

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It's been a long journey to decide what the future holds for Silver Cloud Designs.

For 11 years my husband and I have participated in outdoor and indoor shows and festivals. For various reasons, we have decided that, while we've enjoyed the fellowship with other venders and meeting all of our customers, we've decided to change our focus from shows to promoting Silver Cloud Designs' website and enhancing social media.

This decision hasn't been easy to make but feel that is it best for the future of our company.

I have been busy adding new jewelry pieces to the website and will continue to design, create, and communicate as much and as often as possible.

Thanks to all the "show biz" people who have allowed us to participate in their events over the years.

And thanks to all who have bought my jewelry. I hope you'll check us out from time to time. Also, if you need a custom gift, I'm there for you.


Barb Amador


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