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I thought it was time to create new pieces of handmade jewelry and get them on the website. So,

I've created some (what I'd like to think are pretty darn nice) bracelets and pendants. Some with stones and some without. A few nature inspired designs ( I love flowers) and a tree or two.

Come check them out and for free shipping use the coupon code, "ships free."

Let me know what you think using my feedback page. I'd love to hear from you.



Since Covid hit outdoor art shows all have been canceled, at least in Colorado. Jim DeLutes, organizer of the Affordable Arts Festival in Littleton, Colorado, usually an outdoor event, hosted a online market September 23-25th with 65 artists. He organized it to perfection. There were over 1200 visitors and all of the artists reported that it was a success.

So, my point being, check back sometime in October or November for a similar market for the holiday season. Personally, I will be sequestered in my studio getting ready for the virtual holiday season not only for Affordable Arts but also Estes Park Colorado Art Association. It's still undecided but they may be hosting a virtual market also.

So please stay tuned...I'll be posting updates on my website.


Barb Amador