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A photo of Barb's artist bench with tools.

Silver Cloud Designs Studio
Lafayette CO

Who is Silver Cloud Designs?

I have always loved jewelry!  So...

I've taken several metalsmithing classes over the years but while I was still working, I had no time to devote to making jewelry nor did I have the expertise to create the pieces that I intended to make.  I needed classes to learn proper techniques.


 I began taking metalsmithing classes in Denver along with a variety of technique classe and enjoyed every minute learning what I waited to for so long.

I continued with my classes and began making my own jewelry and started collecting tools for designing and forging sterling silver jewelry of my own design. I entered a craft show to sell all that I had made and registered for a holiday show in Brighton, Colorado and so it began; I was hooked.

My husband and I began showing my work at outdoor shows and a few indoor ones as well.  The sales were pretty good and as the years went by I began to have repeat customers.  Now I've begun selling my work at a couple galleries.  

I still love what I do and am thrilled to be able to be creative at this time in my life. 

If you have questions about me or my jewelry, lets chat or text me at (303) 885-0640 I'll respond as quickly as I can.

Barb Amador is the founder, owner, and designer for Silver Cloud Designs

Barb Amador and Studio desk
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