Winter Blahs and the Flu

I'd love to be in the studio but mother nature has other ideas. A little advice from one who's had it.

First, see your doctor. It seems this strain is a nasty one and they actually have a test to give you to determine whether you actually have the bug or not. Good to know one way or the other. There's also a drug called Tamiflu which will lessen the severity and duration. It's not cheap but when you feel rotten you'll agree it's well worth the cash. Also, this strain comes with a lingering cough, so ask the Doc for some serious medicine for that.

Second, and I know you probably already know this, plenty of r & r and liquids. I even made myself a hot toddy. It's so good going down. The warmth, lemon to combat the congestion and honey for everything else.

It takes time so be patient (like you have a choice).

Take care

be well,


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