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I know it has been a long time since my last blog...it's been a weird few months. I'm sure you know why. I hope you and yours are holding up and healthy. We here are doing fine albeit some cabin fever is running rampant here.

A few updates since the last blog.

First; I've caught up on some delayed cleaning of the home and garden. The garden took 4 days to clean out and apply mulch. yay! Done and done.

So with that all accomplished, I did our taxes and what a relief that was.

What that left me with was time to actually create some jewelry. Way behind on making, photographing, and entering all that on the website. I hope you will peruse all the new stuff and if you feel like it, please let me know what you like and maybe what you're not so crazy about. It's ok, I have thick skin.

I have applied to some outdoor shows, however time will tell whether that will come to fruition. My hope is that the virus will cease to exist and we'll all be back to normal soon. I do hope to see you at my upcoming shows but if not...check out the website, I'll be giving discounts if the shows are canceled. Stay tuned!

Best to you and your family,

Barb Amador


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