• Barb Amador

So much to do...so little time!

I love flowers and it shows in some of my jewelry but the inspiration for those, comes from my flower garden in my back yard. June is the month it looks amazing. It does take time for it to look like that thought. So I garden.

Then of course there's making jewelry and in my studio (my happy place) I create pendants, bracelets, and earrings one at a time. It is my favorite thing to do but does take time.

Every wife knows that the hubby needs attention at some point in time so there's that time spent. I'm not complaining and so again it's time well spent.

Home chores, shopping, cleaning, etc. you name it.

And finally there's the galleries that I'm participating in, all needing jewelry and then there's the time I agreed to work for the greater good of the group. And again, time well spent.

So what does that add up to? I think it's about 150% of my time...all well spent! But, who's complaining? I'd rather be doing what I do than anything.

Looks so much better in person!

Silver Cloud Designs Studio
Lafayette CO