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How was Your 4th of July? Our Rockies game at Coors Field Just for fun.


The Rockies Won!
Coors Field, Denver Colorado

I took the day off from creating my sterling jewelry and went to a Rockies game at Coors Field in Denver. The weather was the best; no wind, no rain, sunny, not too hot!

The Rockies were playing the Milwaukee Brewers. Now if you know anything about the wonderful game of baseball, you may know what the standings are for each team. The Rockies (wins-losses)

30-57 and the Brewers, 52-36. So, I'm thinking we may lose this one.

I won't go into the play by play but with every inning it was the Rockies ahead with a few nail biters in between. Low and behold, our Rocks won 4-3. How could this be, they're team is at the top of their division and we are at the bottom of ours. Yay! Winning is so much fun. If winning in great weather wasn't perfect enough, Coors Field had the most incredible fireworks I have ever seen.

The only snafu arose after the game when 48,702 baseball fans were trying to leave all at the same time. All I can say it was well worth it.



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